The new Office at NeoCon by Scale 1:1

Scale 1:1 is excited to present its full EYHOV desk collection at NeoCon 2013. What  do you need for the ultimate workspace? We are listening.



NeoCon is coming soon! Guess who will be there?



Keep Your Workstation In Order and GET TO WORK!


See you @ NeoCon – Chicago  – June 10 to 12.


SCALE 1:1  –   EYHOV Workstations – They Make You Want To Work!

NeoCon Sales Office – Furniture Design by SCALE 1:1

NeoCon-View 4

SCALE 1:1 will be at NeoCon for the first time in 2013.  We are pleased to announce that NeoCon Sales Office is furnished with SCALE 1:1 Furniture.

Find us at Booth 8-6042 on the 8th floor.


EY_cubicles 12-lg

We will never put you in a box.  Scale 1:1 is committed to providing solutions for the creative work environment.  The new Hybrid Office Workstations are designed to stimulate productivity, collaboration, and the open flow of ideas in the work environment.  Break out of your Cubicle and thrive with Scale 1:1’s Hybrid Workstations.   Contact Scale1:1 for more details:

Designed by David Winston for Scale 1:1 inc.

EY_cubicles 13

Bolla Event now on sale

Bolla Shelving designed by David Winston for Scale 1:1.  Featured on Dec. 5-10


ASOS hired the cutting edge UK firm Marmalade,  to design their New York offices.  ASOS is a forward looking creative company that prioritizes  office design to create a stimulating productive  office culture.   Marmalade came to Scale 1:1 for office furniture solutions.

An office is a recruitment tool, a second home, a place to hang out with friends, a place to be inspired.

ASOS NEW YORK OFFICE, INSTALLS EYHOV WORKSTATIONS BY SCALE 1:1 is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers over 50,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewelry and beauty.

Good luck ASOS,  we at Scale 1:1 wish you all the best.

Does Your Desk Have A Purse Hook? It should.

Introducing the desk-side Purse Hook.

The EYHOV side partition with built-in Purse-Hook adds color, privacy, and function to your workspace.  It’s contemporary office workstations with intelligence.  Team workstations manufactured by Scale 1:1, designed to clear the clutter.

The EYHOV side partition with built-in Purse-Hook. Adds color, privacy, and function to your workspace.

Think Tank at Google Chauffeur: Arktura and Scale 1:1

Google Chauffeur Break out seating area.

Arktura’s Atmosphera 3D ceiling and Scale 1:1’s Bolla 8 shelving units define the breakout seating area at Google’s new division, Google Chauffeur.

EYHOV Benching Desk System

This is how we work with EYHOV Workstations.

If you are sick of WHITE, Maple tops are now available. 100% Made in USA

New Features Designed by David Winston for Scale1:1

From Wall Street trading companies to Creative Advertising firms, companies that rely on collaborative team work, see the benefits of a benching desk system for creating strong bonds and team dynamics amongst employees.

This configuration: 4 Double-desk set-up.

Introducing EYHOV ‘+’ (cross) The Hybrid Office System

The all new EYHOV ‘+’ (cross)

The EYHOV benching desk has evolved into a hybrid office system with many new options.  read more…

EYHOV  is a furniture line designed by David Winston exclusively for Scale 1:1

Office Furniture: ‘Benching’ is the new Normal


What is benching?

It has a number of meanings, among them a recognized term in the world of body-building as well as a lesser known reference for concrete in civil and mining engineering applications.
In the office, benching is fast becoming an “a la mode” way to work, comprised of work surface spans with a central technology infrastructure. A community-centric approach, it is an option worthy of exploration by companies looking for work solutions without visual and social barriers.
A New Day at the Office
Greater utilization of space and smaller footprints have become real estate priorities. Though driven by economics, this philosophy is also supported by a demand for sustainable building. Benching fosters plentiful access to natural light, a mark of a healthy office environment. Benching also offers considerable savings, roughly 25% on space, as well as significant savings on furniture (1) and up to 15% increase in productivity (2).
Along with the implementation of other flexible work schedules and strategies, like mobile work, hoteling and remote work, today’s typical day at the office is not what it used to be.  Over the last several years, a shift toward multi-user and multi-tasking spaces that better serve the more fluid nature of today’s workforce is a prominent one.
Coming Full Circle?
Ironically, office spaces appear to resemble their origins. Decades ago, when offices expanded to support a growing population of clerical workers, workers sat at rows of neatly lined desks with no dividers between them.
In the interest of increasing productivity, promoting health and wellness and improving working conditions for mid-level workers, the concept of a cubicle came to being in the late 1960′s. Over time, the concept evolved into an “office-in-a-box,” offering flexibility that hard walls did not, as well as a modicum of visual and acoustical privacy.
Today, cubicles are designed in ways that are more open and collaborative.  Benching takes this trend even further.
Working Smaller and Smarter
Bench configurations feature side-by-side and face-to-face applications for multi-person collaboration and individual workers.  It can be ideal for types of workers who:
  • work daily in the same office space who have collaboration needs (i.e. established groups or departments)
  • drop in to an office setting on a regular basis but conduct the bulk of their work outside the office (may or may not need to collaborate often with others)
  • collaborate with others on a project by project basis (i.e. flexible teams
Insider Opinion by Kristen Haren
1 CoreNet Global/Steelcase survey, 2009
This exerpt is from


Looking for contract furniture solutions for your office?  Join an increasing number of office planners that are noticing our new office line of EYHOV Workstations and specifying our system over major manufactures such from  Steelcase to Herman Miller and Vitra.  Find out why at  The complete EYHOV line is Made in the USA and designed by David Winston exclusively for Scale 1:1 inc.

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Karim Rashid at ICFF

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Karim Rashid speaks with Clara Reis during the ICFF show in New York about the future of furniture design.  Clara was quick to point out that Karim’s work has been an inspiration to the design team at Scale 1:1.  

A Week In The Life of Scale 1:1

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The month of May was very busy with a photo shoot for the Bolla Shelving Collection and a sale.   We shipped pallets of the EYHOV Workstations to San Francisco and Atlanta.  Orders from the sale poured in, and we shipped over 75 items as a result.  Our factory was running overtime  as all products sold were made in the USA.  Our new account with got off to a running start with 6 orders placed in the first two weeks.

Spot Bolla 6 in New York During ICFF and Win the International Kit

Bolla is a ‘no tools required to assemble’ shelving system that flat-packs and pops together.  Designed by David Winston for Scale 1:1. Made in the USA.

DESIGN PORTFOLIO: David Winston for Scale 1:1 inc.

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Scale 1:1 is proud to celebrate our second year of manufacturing products designed and developed under David’s direction.


ImageAbove: Founder of Scale 1:1, Clara Reis, reaches for a good book.  Bolla Pop Shelving is available in 5 colors and 4 sizes.  As shown here: three Bolla’8 units in red.

Available now in all colors at ALLMODERN.COM

Manufacturing Furniture in the USA

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Supply and Demand has our factory and warehouse very busy these days.  In this slideshow your’ll see, Bolla Shelving, EYHOV workstations, clocks and other furniture items we manufacture all in the USA.


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New generation of EYHOV Office Workstations Designed for Scale 1:1 by David Winston.  Contact Scale 1:1 Furniture for more details.  100% Made in the USA.